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The target is to sell 10.000 money box in 3 month. The target was achieved within 1 month after over integrated campaign (from leaflet to TV commercial)

MTV 1998

ISBG had founded the very Indonesian phrase “Anak Nongkrong” (Hangout Youth) and develop it as a “Anak Nongkrong MTV” logo. When coming in Indonesia, MTV needs the local approach and ‘language’ so that all Indonesian young people, from village to the city, know MTV as a lifestyle icon.

Indika FM

At that time, Radio Indika, which known as a radio that only plays Indonesian songs needs to change its positioning to be a lifestyle radio station. These ads represent the urban lifestyle of young people, and the idea had been appreciated by Cakram Magazine as the postmodern ads.

Hartono Elektronika

Create communications strategy, templates and icons Cak Tono for the largest electronic store in Surabaya, Hartono Elektronika. Until recent day, Hartono Elektronika becomes the market leader in Eastern Java.